[ about panvista ]

Entrepreneurs, small businesses, charities and large multi-national companies who approach us have vision and value our support when representing that vision in moving image.  Headed up by Ian Gibbons, we are an associate team of filmmakers who are passionate about the stories we tell and messages we shoot for others. We want our videos to move people; to evoke emotion, engage their audience and leave a lasting impression.   

Whether it's the short promo or the overseas video production, we have been putting 'your visions in motion' since 2009, but we’ve all been making videos way before that.

[ your vision in motion ]

Comprising of a specialist team of associates who bring a wealth of experience from their individual careers to support Filmmaker, Ian Gibbons. Both on location and behind the scenes, you will find it a joy working with the selected team for your project. Ian will be your first point of contact, and insures that every engagement is always one of good communication, your needs first and desired results that can exceed your brief.

[ Ian Gibbons ]

Owner & Filmmaker

Ian's passion for filmmaking dates back to his childhood years when he would direct, shoot and edit analog video. His passion to achieve a 'cinematic look' is something that has interested him all his life. After graduating with a degree in Media Technology, Ian quickly became AV Producer for a large Charity where his filmmaking skills were recognised on a national level.  After gaining vast experience in production and management, Ian founded Panvista Productions Ltd in 2009 when he quickly found himself in demand to shoot for large multi national corporates and film challenging overseas documentaries. It's the combination of his wide ranging experience, along with his cinematic approach to production that has enabled Ian to give Panvista Productions that extra edge in a competitive market.

[ Ben Cannell ]

DoP, Editor

Since graduating at distinction level, Ben has gone from strength to strength working on commercials to producing independent feature films. Ben began taking his storytelling to a new level, puting his skills to the test and went on to write the ambitious ‘RISE’, which he also directed. It was this picture, with its cerebral, nonlinear structure, that began to turn heads and attract the attention of the industry. Ben soon gained a reputation as being a skilled filmmaker, who’s creative storytelling was assisted by his stylish lighting and inventive camera techniques.

[ Nick Veira ]

Lighting Tech, Sound Recordist

After graduating from specialist film school, SAE Institute in Oxford, Nick quickly started working with panvista as a valued associate. Nick not only has a passion for film, but is a keen musician too. His musical ear natural increases his ability to film with meaning and purpose. It is his understanding of the media, coupled with his ability to work effectivly on set, makes Nick a key asset to the Panvista team. Nick has a natural ability to craft great light, and capture great audio. These skills are crucial when telling stories creatively on digital film.

[ Peter Gray ]

Offline Editor

The goal of the offline editor is to create a EDL (edit decision list) that will be used in putting together the final online version of a production. Peter Gray is a Master of Engineering turned video producer, with a keen eye for editing.  With footage on the timeline, he is able to pull out key sections from interviews and script to create a compelling and engaging narrative before handing over to the online editor. With Panvista Productions, stunning cinematography is guaranteed, and Pete’s skill in the edit ensures that high quality is successfully maintained through to the delivery of the final video.

[ James Simon West ]

Music Composer

James Simon West is a highly innovative composer, producer and performer of contemporary and classical music. Having graduated from music college with a first, James has composed for Panvista Productions when highly sophisticated bespoke music tracks are needed for the client. James is a highly versatile pianist and his passion for acoustic-based tracks brings a mesmerising and thought-provoking quality to his music.

[ Danny Chapman ]

Production Runner

Danny understands what it means to be a team player and demonstrates excellent initiative on location and provides tremendous support when needed on set. He is able to ensure that all equipment is ready for the shoot which allows Ian and the team to focus on the creative elements of your video. Recently, Danny has undergone sound recording training and understands what is required to capture great sound.