Can video actually help towards the success of your organisation?

Ian Gibbons


Your business is great, you know that, but how do you communicate that to the people that matter to you? Your audience? Your potential customers?



Perhaps you or your colleagues have spent hours making your company website look pretty, but are becoming increasingly disappointed with gaining minimal to no leads? Does your office have all the right furniture, but no one's coming through the door?

Communicating what your business actually does, and how it's different to your competition feels like hard work right? How do you communicate this in ways that people understand, value and enjoy? How can you really communicate your passion, your service, your product, and your message in a way that your audience, your customers find engaging?


The answer is simple. Effective Video.

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Video can help you radically transform your business and engage your potential customers in ways that the written word is unable to do.

When was the last time you went to see a film at the cinema? What feeling were you left with? Video has the power to evoke emotion in all of us. It can leave a long lasting impression. Your business can take full advantage of this by bringing your personality, your passion and your story to the screen winning the hearts and minds of your potential customers.

But is any of this based on fact? Is video a proven solution?

There are some interesting statistics...


How has video grown in recent years?


What about video on social media platforms?


How has video helped business owner, Jess Rossi?


Every month Panvista have the enormous privilege of working with corporates, small business and charities that all share the same desire. They all want to communicate effectively to their audience. They all realise that long-winded emails and lengthy product descriptions are just not cutting it any more.

It's a fact that video can and should feature heavily in your marketing strategy. Don't know how? I will help you.

Do you have a great service to offer people? Are your products truly awesome? You know you have a message that is second to none, but what do you want your audience to think, feel, know and do as a result? Let video do the talking. 




Look no further, we will make video work for you