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It’s in this initial phase, typically involving at least one face-to-face meeting, that we build our understanding of your organisation, your objectives, your message and the nature of the audience you want to reach. For Panvista, this understanding is critical. Without it, we’d simply be making videos to please ourselves. With it, we can make videos that truly serve your purpose.




Maybe you already have a clear idea of what you want to convey. But if not, don’t worry. We are highly experienced in working closely with clients to help them frame their vision in a way that can be projected to maximum effect through the medium of video.




Equipped with this understanding of your organisation and your vision, we can begin developing the overall concept for the film and our approach to the actual filmmaking. It’s a process that might involve anything from creating a storyboard to conducting a location recce to auditioning talent. 

But whatever is involved, we’ll always keep you fully in the loop to ensure that the project is developing in line with your expectations and, of course, your budget. 


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